What are the Goals of Syrian Empowerment Project (SWEP)?


Syrian Women Empowerment Project aims to prevent the ethnic based, race based and gender based discrimination and minimize their effects for Syrian women who left their countries due to the war in Syria supporting them with women’s solidarity sustained with academic background.  


Syrian Women Empowerment Project will also contribute to the strengthening of the network among various actors such as institutions, civil society organizations and universities and contribute to the creation of a common language between the Syrian and Turkish civil society organizations, municipalities and the migrant society regarding gender based violence and migration.


The project aims to strengthen the integration policies with supporting the network between the migrant community, civil society organizations and local governance at the actor’s and structural level with workshops and courses provided to the Syrian women, in various districts of Istanbul, where there is a huge population of Syrians.


With this project, it is aimed to provide supportive trainings and courses to Syrian women to contribute to the achievement of raising their awareness about their possibilities for empowerment and their relation with the institutions and the local governance and to contribute to the strengthening of the attachment of women with the regions they live in.