What's SWEP ?

Syrian Women Empowerment Project (SWEP) aims to prevent the ethnic based, race based and gender based discrimination and minimize their effects for Syrian women who left their countries due to the war in Syria supporting them with women’s solidarity sustained with academic background.

The results of this project are to support the mechanisms based upon the ethnical, race and gender discrimination and raise awareness in this respect.

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SWEP Values

Women’s Rights

Syrian Women Empowerment Project defends removing all the handicaps in front of the women’s equal citizenship. It supports maintaining all kinds of legal, institutional and structural changes in this regard.

Minority Rights

Syrian Women Empowerment Project defends the respect and tolerance for all minority groups in the society.

Being Against Discrimination

Syrian Women Empowerment Project is against any form of discrimination such as discrimination based on the ethnical, race, religion, religious, sect, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity and disability.

State of Law and Human Rights

Syrian Women Empowerment Project defends the equality of all citizens, refugees and minorities in front of the law. It defends the respect for human rights based on freedom and equality.

The Ideals of Liberty, Multiculturalism and Democracy

Syrian Women Empowerment Project defends the ideals of a democratic society in which people live with all their differences and in which the differences do not give anyone the chance for domination over others and in which there is a multi-cultural society with freedom of speech and liberty.

Peace and Equality

Syrian Women Empowerment Project supports maintaining peace and equality in the society by defending the multiculturalism, respect for minority rights, supporting state of law and human rights